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About Me

Filmmaker. Director. Videographer.

Hey there! I'm Victor!

I'm an award-winning filmmaker and entrepreneur! I created a film company called WBP Films (in 2011) and earned hands-on experience in directing, writing, producing, and editing.

After winning an Award of Merit in the Accolade Competition (2014) for my mini-series called “The Waiting Room” and an official selection in the Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival (2014) for my domestic violence awareness short film called “Vanish”, I decided to focus working in the industry.

In 2014, I started working for MTV (Viacom) in NYC. I worked on numerous TV shoots, editing projects, and writing for MTV, MTV2, LOGO, & Interscope Records. On my spare time, I continued to work on indie films. In 2017, I got an official selection in NFFTY for my short film called  "loud." 

Now, I work as a freelancer for Viacom and full time as a Video Producer. I’m still working on different projects to strengthen my skills and future in film/business!

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